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We are flexible, versatile and adaptive in today’s fast paced industry. Revolution is a directional services company founded on the belief that people drive our services and success. Our revolutionary foundation is built on the experience and expertise of our directional drilling professionals. The Revolution team has worked around the world on industry leading directional drilling platforms and developed firsthand knowledge and experience of global plays and formations.


Revolution’s philosophy – What worked well yesterday is not necessarily the answer today. The ever revolving cycle of new mud systems, power section configurations, material composition, and performance drill bit design needs to be consistently analyzed and understood to provide the best performance possible; changing just one item in a BHA can change the dynamic of all following runs. Operating in today’s challenging environment means that drilling has to be optimized to maintain peak performance. However, optimizing is often only available post-run, this information will make the next run better, but what if optimization could be done on the fly and in real-time?

Revolution is excited to have partnered with Ammolite Resource Technologies Inc. whose core objective is to deliver technologies that identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, streamline complex processes and connect the user with data; allowing users to make fully informed operational decisions from any device, anywhere in the world. The use of Ammolite’s platform allows all parties to collect, view, log, analyze and report on data received from any WITS device on location in real-time.

Revolution is a full service supplier geared to meet our clients’ requests and ensure the correct BHA configuration for any well bore design, focusing on all information from spud to completions. Revolution’s team will help determine the correct MWD system for the application; EM/Pulse/Dual Telemetry, taking into consideration the mud system, formations drilled, downhole operating temperatures, and location. Mud motor selection is also determined by similar parameters and we can meet any specific client requirements. With the industries target windows tightening, more demanding geological formations, and the cost of completions rising, Revolution can offer more than just the conventional drilling package (i.e. Inc at Bit).


At Revolution we believe that communication is paramount; pre-spud, daily, weekly, and end of well meetings hold the utmost importance to the overall success of any project. Our small group of dedicated industry professionals deliver success through collaboration between our office, the field and the client.

Our team works with the client from pre-planning to completion and provides total coverage from tool failure analysis, wellbore analytics, to BHA performance. Although we strive for the complete elimination of non-productive time related issues, we understand that complications still occur in the field. Our goal is to fully understand the mechanism behind the tool deficiency, and determine the root cause to eliminate any chance of a reoccurrence.

NPT can be linked back to avoidable and preventable events through ongoing monitoring, process refinement and adjustments to parameters. We at Revolution make every effort to eliminate NPT before it happens. Let’s start a Revolution focusing on honest communication, industry experience and an expectation of excellence. Our unique business model operates with low overhead while still delivering exceptional service, and Revolution’s competitive pricing translates into lower costs, meaning we deliver more for less.

With so many directional suppliers in the market our team at Revolution strives to outperform the competition and deliver revolutionary performance for your projects.


Revolution Directional Services is a globally focused revolutionary directional drilling company.   From our office staff to our field consultants the wealth of knowledge that we have amassed is immeasurable.  We believe that success is not an individual effort but rather a team collaboration.  That is why RDS has built the company surrounding itself with industry experts that have drilled around the world on every well profile. We are team of professionals ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done as safely, on target, and efficiently as possible.

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Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
Apache Canada Ltd.
Baccalieu Energy Inc.
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Bellatrix Exploration Ltd
Cenovus Energy Inc.
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Husky Oil Operation Limited

Jupiter Resources Inc.
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ORLEN Upstream Canada Ltd
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Peyto Exploration & Development Corp.
PJC Ecploration Ltd.
Progress Energy Canada Ltd.
Raging River Exploration Inc.
Red River Oil Inc.
Rifle Shot Oil Corp.

RMP Energy Inc.
Seven Generations Energy Ltd.
Shell Canada Limited
Spartan Energy Corp.
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Talisman energy Inc.
Tangle Creek Energy Ltd.
Taqa North Ltd.
TimberRock Energy Corp.
Torc Oil & Gas
Tourmaline Oil Corp.
Trilogy Resources Ltd.
Tundra Oil & Gas Partnership
Vermilion energy Inc.
Whitecap Resources Inc.
XTO Energy Canada Ulc

Our MWD systems are either working or have work worked in the following countries:

Australia-Pulse and EM
New Zealand-Pulse and EM
China – Pulse, Annular pressure while drilling (APWD), & Inc @ Bit
Japan – Pulse & Em
Russia – Pulse
Morocco – Pulse
Uzbekistan – Pulse
USA – Pulse, EM, Inc @ Bit, & Resistivity
Canada – Pulse, EM, & Inc @ Bit
Mexico – Pulse, APWD
India – Pulse
Indonesia – Pulse and EM
Saudi Arabia – Pulse
Pakistan – Pulse
Venezuela – Pulse

The Inc @ Bit technology has completed over 100 successful runs and accumulated over 6000 hours downhole. The Inc @ Bit has proved to be an excellent solution for multiple Clients that were having difficulty staying in the primary zone due to a lack of directional control when geo-steering. With drilling experience in difficult formations we know that the Inc @ Bit will help stay in the zone and create a smooth wellbore increasing the productivity for your wells.

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