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Revolution Directional Services offers a near-bit gamma/inclination tool that provides a cost effective geo-steering alternative.

The “Iris” near-bit gamma/inclination tool relays all relevant information and data back to the Directional Supervisor only 24″ (0.61 meters) behind the bit.  Data received at such a short distance from the bit allows for course corrections after less than one meter of lateral has been drilled. This is a considerable improvement compared to conventional MWD drilling data that is received after 10 to 16 meters (32.8 to 52.5 feet) of lateral has been drilled.  Iris enables the client to make faster and more accurate geo-steering and well path corrections which can assist in the increase of producible formation.

The Iris also increases slide efficiency by allowing slide survey data to be received at surface after drilling only one meter, instead of the 10-16 meter (32.8 to 52.5 feet) required by a conventional MWD bottom hole assembly.





  • At bit inclination measurement
  • At bit gamma measurement
  • At bit formation resistivity (available in near future)
  • Inclination sensor accuracy of  +/- 0.25°
  • Tool operates in temperatures up to 300° F


  • Reduction of time drilling in open hole whipstocks
  • 24″ to 36″ (0.61 to 0.91 meters) bit to sensor
  • Faster geo steering adjustments
  • Reduction of dog legs

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